Photo: Daniel Kunzfeld
What does the learning platform offer?

The learning platform is a support for you to cope with the requirements for students at the University of Hildesheim. The platform helps you to get to know the general academic German, to gain an orientation in the competences required for studying in Germany and to guide your autonomous learning process.

What is plagiarism? How can you research literature for your own work? What are the requirements for a term paper? What are the special features of seminars at German universities?

These questions are also answered on the learning platform. They will find explanatory videos, links to further sources or worksheets and other materials with the help of which they can gain access to the language of science and gain an insight into the practice of science at German universities.

How do you work on the learning platform?

With the content available to you at all times, you work independently and at your own pace. In this respect, you can work on the contents even before you start studying or during your studies. To discuss the contents and clarify further questions, you are welcome to visit the consulting hour on Thursdays from 10 am to 11 am.

Who is the learning platform for?

The platform is aimed at both international Bachelor’s and international Master’s students at the University of Hildesheim.

For students in the preparation phase, the explanatory videos are available on our YouTube channel.

How to register?

Registration for the course is easy via self-enrolment in the Learnweb course „Studieren mit der Wissenschaftssprache Deutsch – Lernplattform für Internationals“, which can be found under the offers of the DAWID project: Link to the course

We hope you enjoy the learning platform!