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You want to be more confident with German as a language of science?

In the summer semester 2024, the seminar „German as a foreign language of science“ (seminar number 4950) is held as a block seminar. It is aimed at students with a non-German first language.

The dates are:

Monday, 08.04.2024, 14.00-18.00 – Introductory session

Monday, 15.04.2024, 9.00-16.00pm und Tuesday, 16.04.2024, 9.00-14.00

Monday, 22.04.2024, 9.00-16.00pm und Tuesday, 23.04.2024, 9.00-14.00

Students from the following four degree programmes can earn credit points in the seminar:

  • Master DaZ/DaF (basic module (1-4), 4 CP)
  • Master Teacher Training (optional module, 5 CP)
  • Master Cultural Mediation (elective module, 4 CP)
  • Master IKM (in the elective module, 4 CP)

Other interested Master’s students can also register, but should contact their programme coordinators beforehand to discuss the modalities individually.

You can register for this course in the LSF.

The seminar „German as a foreign academic language“ is aimed at students with a non-German mother tongue. The international students acquire a practical-theoretical approach to German as a language of science and develop written and oral competences that are necessary to cope with university requirements. Students develop a research draft within the framework of the seminar. In this process, they are guided from finding a topic to writing an exposé. In addition, special attention is paid to the characteristics of the academic language German in writing (e.g. lexis, style, syntax) as well as orally (preparing and giving presentations). Furthermore, the students familiarise themselves with research methods. Students will hand in a portfolio.