There is currently no correction counselling!

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You have written a scientific paper and need help correcting the German language?

For international students (with non-German mother tongue) there is the correction consulting service.  

What does the correction consulting include?

  • The correction consulting is about the German language in your text.
  • You will receive tips on how to improve the language of your text yourself. There are several phases in the proofreading process in this. 

What does the correction consulting not include?

  • No questions about the content of the paper will be discussed.
  • You will not receive a finished corrected text, because you have to revise your text yourself.

What are the goals of correction consulting?

  • You learn to systematically revise texts yourself.
  • You will receive support in the language learning process.
  • You will be able to create future texts with greater linguistic confidence.


Please discuss with your lecturer (e.g. in the consulting hours) that you would like to revise the final version of your text and that you would like to be advised by the correction consulting service of DAWID.

If you use the correction consulting service, you must refer to the support provided by the DAWID project in the declaration of independence of your text with the following sentence: „The proofreading service provided by the DAWID project (German as a second, foreign, new … Language of science/ support measure for students) provided advice on correcting the language structure of this thesis.“

Phases in the correction process

Pre-phaseA) Students send an appointment request to kbdawid(at) with the following information: Name and e-mail address of the lecturer, title of the course, number of pages, title of the paper as well as the deadline, so that the DAWID team can send an information e-mail to the lecturer.

B) At the same time, students talk to the lecturer about the planned visit of the correction consulting (e.g. in the consulting hours).

C) Students send the finished text (either a complete chapter or a complete paper) to kbdawid(at)

1st correction phase:
Grammar and spelling
A) Errors in spelling and grammar are marked by the correction consulting team.

B) Students try to correct the marked passages themselves.

C) Joint discussion (video conference)

2nd correction phase:
Lexic and Style
A) The revision team marks stylistically and lexically conspicuous passages and gives feedback on them.

B) Students try to revise the marked passages independently.

C) Joint discussion (video conference)